How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

JonesCreative Solutions is not like all the other online design services out there.  We don't ask you to submit your project and have freelance designers from all over the world "bid" on your project.  We have a group of designers with years of advertising, marketing and graphic design experience that will first consult with you on your project, decide the best course of action and then provide you with a realistic estimate for your project before you ever decide to submit a request.  We like to make it simple for you, simple for our designers and simple for us.

So, here is how we do it:

We want it to be simple. We want it to be safe. We’re completely up-front throughout, and we’ll lead you through the process every step of the way.

Here’s an overview of the process so you have an idea of what to expect from our partnership:

•     You contact us and let us know what kind of Creative you need.
Is it newspaper? A brochure? A poster? A new logo design? CD packaging? A menu for your restaurant? Even Interactive PDF files. We can take care of you.

•     We will email you back within 24 hours and let you decide if you want to have a phone consultation with one of our Creative Pros to discuss your project, or if you are pretty sure of what you want, we can communicate entirely through email.  Whatever is best for you is what we will do.
Once we discuss your project, we will give you a realistic estimate of the cost and coordinate getting the information and any files from you to complete the project.  If something changes during the development process, we won’t proceed until you’ve agreed to any investment increases.

•     You can either just send us an email with the information you want in the design along with any images, or if you prefer, you can submit a Creative Request Form for the product you need designed.  We have those available on the site and you can access them via our "What do you Need" menu or the "Portfolio" menu by selecting "Projects by Category" & then clicking on "Learn More" next to any of the products featured, including Custom Projects, or clicking here.
The request forms can be complex, or pretty quick...we've tried to make them as simple as possible. Some of our clients prefer using the forms and some prefer phone conversations - whatever is easiest for you is what we will do.  Each form leads you through the process of providing our Creative Pros with all the ingredients they’ll need to cook exactly what you’re craving. Our request forms take just a few minutes to complete...the more details you have to share, the longer the form will take to fill out, but it will help the designers get closer to your final design on the first proof. You will attach any logos or graphic elements to the request form that you want in the ad or design.  We accept .pdf, .tif, .eps & .jpg files.  Please provide hi-res files (either vector files or 300 DPI) if you have any questions, don't worry - our team will help you out with your files and let you know if we need something different.

•     If you need photos in your ad that you do not have - please let us know in the request form, or attache them to your email with the information you need in the design after we have had our initial consultation.  We do not provide stock photos, but will search for something that may work for your design and provide you with the cost associated with the photo.  We do not list these on our price list because stock photo costs can vary greatly from provider to provider.  If you have a photo in mind, you can always purchase it before you submit your request and attach it to the form.

•     You’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a link for a payment of 50% of the Creative Development fee.

•     Once we get the green light to proceed (including your secure online payment of 50% of the total price), we’ll get our Pros working. Within 72 hours, you will receive an email with a Proof-Quality PDF attached.
Every price we quote includes up to 2 rounds of proofing. If we need to proceed with more rounds, we’ll agree to that before we proceed.

•     After we’re done, you’ll approve your final creative.

•     Once we get your final approval, we’ll send you an email with your final payment request.

•     Once final payment is received, we’ll deliver your final, ready-for-press PDF file to you - or directly to your vendor (depending on what you instructed in your original Creative Brief).

•     Your business grows.

•     Our partnership grows.

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