It's a PDFriendly World

And what, you ask, does that mean?

That means the vast majority of newspapers - and commercial printers - love PDF files to work with.   It is very rare these days to find a printer, magazine, newspaper, etc, that doesn't accept PDF files.  We can also create Interactive PDF files for you to email, post on your website, etc.

If you’re not sure if your newspaper works with PDF files, send your Ad Rep an email to clarify. To make this easy,just copy & paste the text below into your email.

The message we have crafted for you will outline what you need to know before you submit a request to us (namely: does your newspaper accept PDF files) - and it’ll also help you get the info you’ll need to have in order to get your finished ad to your paper once we’re all done.  Simply copy the text below and paste it into your email to your print vendor.

I am looking to create my ads in partnership with / and start delivering ads to you in PDF format.

Before we started out, however, I wanted to touch base with you to make sure you accept PDF files and to find out, if you do, where we can send ads once they are ready to go to press.

If you would be so kind as to answer the four following questions, I would sincerely appreciate it:

1. Do you accept PDF files?
2. What email address should I send final Press-Ready PDFs to?
3. If the final PDF's are too large to email, do you have an FTP site?
4. If so, what is the FTP access information (host, username and password)?

To find out more about, visit us at:

Thank you.

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